Mitarbeiter der Beschaffung sitzen an einem Tisch und führen ein Gespräch Mitarbeiter der Beschaffung sitzen an einem Tisch und führen ein Gespräch

Generating Added Value

Since procurement is a decisive factor

Schwarz Beschaffung – the strong link between the companies of Schwarz Group and its suppliers for own use requirements

Schwarz Beschaffung takes care of purchasing all products and services required in-house by companies belonging to Schwarz Group worldwide. We pool the requirements on behalf of the companies of Schwarz Group and generate synergies. In addition to the Lidl and Kaufland retail divisions, Schwarz Beschaffung also supplies PreZero, Schwarz Produktion, Schwarz Digits and Schwarz Dienstleistungen.

It is our responsibility to find solutions to demanding queries and to overcome current procurement challenges. Hence, Schwarz Beschaffung plays a decisive role when it comes to implementing projects successfully. Simultaneously, we contribute to the holistic continued development of the companies of Schwarz Group thanks to our expertise and long-standing experience. We see ourselves as a strong link between our customers, the divisions, and our external business partners. As such, we can only be successful with the aid of a competent supplier network.

For this network, we are constantly on the look-out for reliable business partners, who will contribute to the competitive edge of the companies of Schwarz Group with us. Can you with your company, your products, and services support us significantly? Are you interested in a long-term cooperation? Then get in touch with us using the contact form and become part of our supplier network.


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Schwarz Beschaffung guiding principles: Sustainability, cost-effectiveness, innovation

It is our goal to develop and implement procurement concepts strategically. In the course of this, we at Schwarz Beschaffung pay particular attention to cost-effective, responsible conduct. As a central service provider to the procurement departments of the companies of Schwarz Group, we, together with our suppliers and service providers, can influence whether sustainable conduct is heeded along the entire value chain.  Among other things, the focus is on sensible use of resources, such as packaging materials and transport aids.

We take our commitment toward society and the environment very seriously. We expect that from our business partners too. In this pursuit, we follow the sustainability strategy of the companies of Schwarz Group.